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morning. temperatures range from the low to mid-50s. this afternoon we aren't warming up that much. cool we're mid-50s at our coast. a few peaks of sun. and temperatures into the mid-60s. tonight we break up the cloud cover and a dry day in store before a stronger system heads our way by midday tuesday. i will detail that a little later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news in hayward this morning. investigators are on the scene of a police shooting involving a motorist. the suspect tried to use his car as a weapon when officers pulled him over. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live at the scene of foothill boulevard and d street. kira, i know the details remain sketchy, but what can you tell us? >> they are sketchy as best, carolyn. initials reports is a suspect is dead but officers are okay. as you did say, the investigation is ongoing. you see here on foothill
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boulevard on hayward between d and c streets, it is closed. the investigation is nearing its sixth hour right now. you can see a maroon four door honda is crashed, doors are open. crime scene tape is around it. this incident is the result of what happened a half-mile away from here about 3:30 this morning on fletcher lane. police were reportedly trying to pull over the driver of a honda when the driver may have backed up into the officer's patrol car and drove away, sped away. that's when police said they were forced to shoot. it's unclear if the suspect who is now dead died from the impact of the crash or from a gunshot wound. the investigation tense here at foothill boulevard between c and d streets. it is in front of casa blanca hotel. this is the third time bay area police have had to open fire on suspects this week alone. an incident in san jose and a separate one in san francisco both involved car chases and
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ended up with police fatally shooting the suspects. reporting live in hayward, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> thanks, kira. we will have more on that on our newscast tonight. san jose police continue to search a stretch of highway 85 for evidence tossed out of a speeding car by a man trying to get away from officers. it happened at blossom and calaro avenues. he intentionally rammed several patrol car. abc news reporter sergio shows us dramatic video shot by witnesses. [sirens] [shooting] >> from the moments the pursuit ended you can hear more than a dozen gunshots. a police spokesman said officers had reason to believe their suspect was dangerous. >> they get out of their cars, they are dealing with what they believe to be an armed suspect. they draw their firearms and gave commands. at that point he displayed some
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type of threatening behavior toward the officers. >> this pursuit started at low speed near camden and union avenues and then sped up and ended up miles away near blossom and calero avenues. witnesses said they saw it as it ended and saw dangerous speeds on highway 85. >> this guy comes up on the shoulder on the left side, zooms by us and then cuts across, cuts us off and a friend that was with us on a bike. >> during the chase police say the suspect threw several items out of the car. >> to the point we actually had a couple of citizens approach officers with items that were discarded from the suspect vehicle saying he threw this out of the car. >> police also say they saw one of the officers saw the suspect pull a weapon during the pursuit but they have not recovered one at the shooting scene. as the chase ended police cars swarmed the neighborhood. witnesses say the suspect car was going slow before it finally stopped. >> there was no stopping him. it took 23 cop cars to, you
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know, just even like subdue the guy. >> san jose police are still trying to recover all the items that were tossed out of the car by the driver during the chase, including a possible weapon. if anyone happens to come across any of those items, they are urged to call san jose police so they can collect them as evidence. in san jose, abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews in campbell are working to clean up a big mess caused by a small fire that broke out last night inside our residential high-rise for seniors. no one was injured, but some residents are being helped by the red cross because their homes are damaged. the fire was minor, contained to just one 12th-floor apartment. it set off of the sprinkler system that quickly put out the flames but the water drained all the way down through all twelve floors directly below. firefighters had to go floor by floor checking the damage. >> trying to ascertain how many of the units are damaged to the point that the occupants are displaced. most people are obviously going to be fine. >> those seniors fortunate
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enough to be allowed to go back home had to climb the stairs because the fire left elevators out of service. >> mental health counselors say the santa cruz community will benefit from intervention to cope with last week's tragedy. detective sergeant loran "butch: baker and elizabeth butler were shot and killed last tuesday. one counselor said the community is so small many people were just one or two degrees of separation from the victims. a touching gift was found at the memorial. a burn he will heart medal with a note saying the purple heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty. then you have the other spectrum. this man allegedly arrested for stealing flowers from the memorial. 53-year-old kenneth moffet has been charged with vandalism and public intoxication. a memorial for detective butler and detective sergeant baker will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose.
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it had to be moved from santa cruz to san jose to accommodate the expected large crowd. >> new this morning the private rocket space x dragon is now locked to the international space station with its cargo that includes experiments designed by bay area high-schoolers. the privately-owned rocket arrived a day later than planned. that is great news for students at fremont christian school who spent five months designing experiments to see how microgravity affects plant growth. the spacecraft almost didn't make it there at all. shortly after lift off the rocket's second-stage thrusters failed to work. it took southern california flight controllers several hours to regain control and continue the mission. >> this morning demolition crews have been tearing down the home where a sinkhole swallowed a man in his bedroom. work finished for the day. earlier they were using heavy equipment, knocking the house apart because it's unstable. they called off the search for the victim, 37-year-old jeff
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bush yesterday. there have been no signs of life since he cried out for life on thursday as a 20-foot wide sinkhole swallowed him right where he was sleeping. the victim's brother tried in vain to dig him out and since then would-be rescuers were told to stay back because of the risk of the growing sinkhole. coming up, the vatican gears up to decide the leader of the catholic church. what is next for the cardinals. and the first weekend since the sequester cuts went into effect. the impact that is ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life.
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>> welcome back, everyone. this is a live look from our damage cam. if you were hoping those wonderful warm temperatures in the 60s and 70s would stick around, no. not true. cooler weather with scattered showers in some parts today and real rain later this week. meteorologist lisa argen will be along with the accuweather forecast in just a bit. this is the first sunday -- weekend of the federally mandated sequester cuts. >> it's the first weekend of those federally mandated sequester cuts. the impact seems minimal so far
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but that hasn't alleviated concerns by some over what is to come. we have more. 27-year-old maria, a civilian defense department employee, is preparing for the worst. >> i do live paycheck to paycheck. >> but anger, resentment about this? >> no, mostly disappointment. >> she's called her rent, cable and electric company asking for special dispensation when the furloughs begin where she works. one of possible 750,000 pentagon employees in a similar situation. these forced her to rethink her spending, buying her groceries in bulk. >> you are counting every dollar? >> every dollar. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse, it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. >> half of the $85 billion will fall directly on the pentagon. at least one aircraft carrier will not be deploying. they will curb air force flying hours and some offices will close. in late march furlough notices for department of defense
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employees go out. it might not be as initially dire as predicted that's because the full effect won't be felt for another month and we are weeks away from the next budget deadline which could potentially lead to a government shut down. >> there's no sign there is going to be progress here in washington to reach a deal on restoring those budget cuts. abc news, the white house. >> this morning queen elizabeth ii has been hospitalized after suffering what appears to be a stomach infection. the 6-year-old british monarch experienced those symptoms and her upcoming trip to romo is cancelled. in fact in a statement released to the palace says all official engagements for the coming week will be postponed or cancelled as a precaution. this is the first sunday without a pope for the world's 1 billion catholics. the event picking the pope will begin tomorrow in vatican city with the cardinals conclave. the pope resigned, becoming the first pontiff in 600 years to step down.
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changes are already being seen in vatican city. the pope's apartment has been locked, his private elevator has been taped shut and a new papal ring must also be made. tradition says that the ring is destroyed when the pope dies or in this case resigns. >> talk about destruction of the seal, it's simply to make some scratch marks or something to prevent the seal from being used ever again. >> a stove has yet to be installed in the sistine chapel. white smoke coming from the stove announces to the world a new pope has been elected. a lot of watching and waiting this week. meteorologist lisa argen is here. we are waiting for some precipitation, some rain. we need it. >> totally right. we counted a few drops this morning but outside you see the cloud cover. a little filtered sunshine. this is san francisco with low to mid-50s and 57 already in
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oakland. we will look for a cooler marine push today and better chances of rain come your way for the week ahead. i'll have that next. >> thank you, lisa. also next a preview of abc's new crime drama, red widow, which premieres tonight. we will talk to the creator
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>> we have been extremely dry.
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it's time for some rain. >> and we will have to wait a little longer what have we have now is mostly offshore and that's where it has remained mostly. we are look at the green but it is well offshore. we had a rain drop or two over in the east bay and also at the airport this morning. but today there's the napa marathon. should stay dry. maybe a spotty shower in the higher elevations of the hills there and also escape frommal draw crazy, there's filtered sunshine on the way. with look for the radar to become more active on tuesday. right now we see the returns on 280 and higher elevations. we are looking at a dry sub cloud layer. that means the atmosphere is too dry to have really anything come out of it. 54 san francisco, 57 in oakland with mid-60s in san jose and santa cruz at 63. mt. tam a little breezy, 10 to
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20 mile-an-hour winds. yesterday we had the subtropical air. today it's being replaced with morph an on shore push and that will allow for many of these temperatures to come down. right now you are mild, 56 in fairfield and 55 fremont, 52 santa rosa. we will call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy today. with that filtered sunshine and a little system that is skirting the coast, we could see a few sprinkles. a spotty shower through the afternoon. then we clear out and a dry day is on tap for monday. here's a look at the pacific satellite. you will notice the green. some of this moisture really just fizzling out. high pressure is sliding to the east today. we have the clouds around but overall we have a weak area of high pressure in place. with that you are going to see most of the bay area stay dry. but as we go through the rest of the afternoon the activity in the sacramento valley, and we look for low clouds and fog as you wake up tomorrow morning but then giving way to more sunshine the rest of the afternoon. but tuesday morning we are dry. in the afternoon rain showers
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heading down from sonoma county. this is a cold system so the evening commute on tuesday featuring rain. and right on through the afternoon and evening hours into the wee hours of wednesday morning. we are talking about still showers. so today more clouds than anything. maybe a sprinkle, a light shower, much cooler, low 60s. here's the look ahead. you notice numbers will stay in the low 60-degree range through tomorrow, a dry day. then afternoon showers continuing into wednesday and thursday and then we are dry. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. it's live hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. plus get power out hang information and spare the air alerts and the tweets from all of us here at abc7. it will get more interesting. maybe an inch in we are lucky in the north bay by wednesday but lesser amounts elsewhere. >> thank you, lisa. new this morning, san jose's
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annual film festival will honor actor harrison ford tonight with a special achievement award. at 7:00 the festival will honor ford with its maverick spirit award. organizers note that ford has played a wide diversity of characters on the big screen with what they describe as brilliant, charismatic depictions. ford's list of starring roles include blade runner, the fugitive, indiana jones and star wars. as you might expect tonight's event at san jose's california theater is sold out. >> marin county will be featured in a new crime drama premiering right here on abc tonight. the show red widow involves around a stay-at-home mom with ties to organized crime. the majority is fully shot in vancouver, but viewers will see a few local landmarks. the show was created by melissa rosenberg. she was the screenwriter for the twilight saga films. she was born and raised in marin county, and that's why she chose
9:21 am
to set the story in the north bay. >> it's absolutely why. one, i know it fairly well. and, two, it mirrors the series of being a suburb across the bay from a larger city and being by the water. >> you can catch the first episode of "red widow" tonight at nine here on abc7. coming up next, the day for the dogs. alaska gets ready for this year's iditarod. we will tell you how many teams are
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♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans?
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[ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. one of the world's most grueling competitions is getting underway in alaska this morning. the 41st iditarod dog sled
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race had a ceremonial start in anchorage yesterday. 66 mushers and their dogs rode for 11 miles on trucked-in snow. today they will start racing for real starting about 50 miles to the north. the race covers more than 1,000 miles of frozen wilderness between the towns of willow and knome. the winner will get $50,000 and a new truck. this year's competition includes six previous iditarod winners. >> is that fair to have the previous guys in there? >> i don't know. i know it's 55 degrees and raining right now. we aren't getting new snow but higher elevations an inch or two. better chance tuesday and wednesday. here's the rain offshore. it's not real impressive because the best we are going to see around the bay area are a few drops. there's a chance. light showers today but overall cooler, upper 50s and low 60s. we are dry again tomorrow but here comes the rain. maybe a quarter inch to an inch
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through thursday. and the best chance will be up in the north bay. it's a cold system, though, and we are getting back to below-average highs. >> all right. thank you, lisa. that will do it for us. thank you for inning us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm caroline tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. we will have more on that story of the officer-involved shooting in hayward. we are off early this morning because of the nba sunday showcase. it's the miami heat in new york playing the knicks here on abc7. have a great day, everyone and a great we
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lebron james, there are over 8 million stories in the city that never sleeps, so don't sleep. i have one that's worth a million dollars, you heard. >> no short, no sleep. >> in the east, how do you measure success? is it in the accolades you achieve or is it achieved by comparisons? >> to the miami heat, the knicks, postseason will end in the first round. >> today, carmelo anthony and the knicks hope to stay
9:29 am
undefeated against the heat this season while lebron hopes to leave another mark on the garden. >> madison square garden, i mean it's the greatest. >> there's how you get it done. no one is stopping that thing. >> out west, same position, different game. all eyes on chris paul and russell westbrook. >> the jumper, good. >> this is the westbrook show. >> intercepted by paul. lob at the rim to play. look out! >> it's an all-star packed doubleheader. heat/knic heat/knicks, thunder/clippers. next on abc. home of the nba finals.

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